The John Sidley Rig (JS Rig)

Keep these sections short to detect a bite quicker and prevent the eel swallowing
the rig..!

          The John Sidley rig has a few variations, the one in the image enables the run ring (essential to minimise resistance) to stay clear of any debris that may cover the lakebed. Two swivels are incorporated to reduce line twist and subsequently tangles incurred during the sometimes twisting fight of the Eel. An alternative is to attach the lead to a mono paternoster, this is ideal when a long cast is required as it is reduces tangles.

          One thing that needs to be noted however is that the paternoster link must be longer than the total distance from the hook to the second swivel. It is also prudent to use a lighter breaking strain for the paternoster link than the mainline, and weaken the link further by tying a couple of knots into the mono link. Should the lead become snagged the link will break first and hopefully leave you still connected to the Eel.