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The National Anguilla Club was formed for eel angling specialists in 1962. It is one of the longest, if not the longest continuously running specimen groups ever formed.  The eight founder members were AJ Sutton, G Moss, J Larly, N Game, J G Bellamy, J Gibbinson, J Smith, and K Dickens. Sadly Arthur Sutton our last remaining founder member, to remain in the club passed away in 2013.

The club was formed to study Anguilla Anguilla the freshwater eel and being fishermen, catching them as well. During those early years extensive study was made using the otolith bone, situated in the eel’s head, mainly to assess the eels age this involved killing the eels and extracting the bone. Eels were 95% more abundant in those days but this practice was stopped early on in the clubs life due to eel welfare.

Since then the club has flourished all be it with few but very enthusiastic members whose numbers usually ranges these days between 90 and 100 enthusiasts. In the past this has been down to 10 and up to 105 members. Membership has in the past been restricted to anglers over the age of 18 years. however we are pleased to say that we now welcome junior anglers as well.


NAC  Membership includes:

  • One copy of AnguillA the Magazine of the National Anguilla Club

  • Upto three Club Fish-In's

  • The Winter Social (complete with slide show, raffles trophies etc.)

  • Regular Newsletters

  • Facebook group access

  • Members forum- here

The best bit....with the Eels decline, it's important that they all go back.

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